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Hopewood: A Sibling Story is an educational game created for NHS. The main purpose of the game was to educate siblings and friends of people who are affected by mental illnesses about the whole subject through a game. The main objective was to collect stamps in a stamp book to unlock links to important websites and information regarding mental health. 


I was contracted to work on this title over my second year at university with a group of other students. We all cooperate to deliver some parts of this project at the end of the academic year. Through the year I attended multiple meetings regarding the production, discussed the possibilities and make design decisions based on the client's choices.







  • Creating a story for gameplay to make it more interesting and keep the player occupied.

  • Creating and designing the UI which would correspond to the information which was given contractor.

  • Creating quests ideas which would correspond to the main objectives in the game but also fit well in the story presented in the game.

  • Making design decisions regarding the features which were delivered by our contractor.



Microsoft Windows



Unreal Engine 





Tools Used

Unreal Engine, Photoshop CS6



9 months, 2017



Graphic designer, level designer, UI designer