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I really, really enjoy Hackathons for many reasons. Mostly because they let you develop your knowledge in different areas very quickly. I enjoy working with new technologies and tweaking them into video-games ideas. All of our projects were games-based, which leads to the fact that I am great in coming up with different game ideas and designing them to work with the newest technology, such as Leap Motion, VR or AR. 

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with a very talented people and learn a lot from them. I am a team-worker myself and I believe that the best thing is to set-up tasks for myself and other people, and let them focus on thing they're good at. I really enjoy working with programmers, because I pick-up new things very quickly. I have a high understanding of processes which are happening in programming (despite the fact that I don't know any language very well) and based on that I can come up with doable systems and game-play enrichment. Team work helped me develop a lot and gave results, as so many winning places in recent Hackathons.

You can see my DevPost for some of my projects.

hack notts 2018 winner

hack notts 2017 winner

Multi-Monitor Motion Missile Mayhem is a game which combines together 3 monitors, leap motion and some sort of Space Invaders mechanic. It's game that tests your reflexes in fast action flight through space. You control your spaceship with your hand using the Leap Motion device. The game displays on multiple screens, so you can fly across them and see the incoming missiles from afar.



My role on the project was mostly design - when I joined the team, I got told that we are making a pong with Leap Motion - I couldn't let that happen. I come up with a mechanic and controls to control the entire ship and how everything goes in the game. Later, I used Photoshop to make already-made assets work with out engine.

Augmented Reality golf is a game where you use leap motion to control a golf bat and hit the ball on the virtual golf course and (hopefully) make it get to the hole. The whole course also have it's physical form made out of paper and everything else we could find.


My role on the project consist of designing and creating the gold course in Photoshop, also creating some of the mechanics which appear in the game, like the course layout etc. I also helped with arts and crafts side of the project!

brumhack 2018 winner


BrumHack project was a Tank Game, which was controlled by two people. One of them controlled the shooting mechanism and the other one was responsible for the movement. Hand's movement were supposed to mimic the movement of the wheels of the tank. The whole point was to shoot barrels and get points.

My role in this project was mostly design, I also created all of the low-poly assets in the project. I helped with developing the entire idea for the movement and the design of the level.

Ternary ColorBridge was a project we did at Hack Cambridge. We got inspired by Morse code and smoke signals as a way to transfer information in large distances by only requiring line-of-sight between two parties. We designed a way to transfer short messages into a sequences of colors, which could be ready from phone to phone using the camera. 

My role on the project was to create a simulation in Unreal Engine 4 with ships on the sea and how they could transfer messages using colors. I used blueprint scripting for that purpose.